About Us

The European Alliance for Medicinal Cannabis (EAMC) was established in 2019 as the first Brussels based professional, credible and unified organisation for the industry.

After the February 2019 passage of a motion for a resolution by the European Parliament which inter alia calls on the European Commission to improve equal access to cannabis based medicines for European citizens, we understood that was time for the industry to speak with a unified voice in order to promote a sensible EU wide policy towards medicinal cannabis.

EAMC has been playing a leading role at this early stage of developing and advocating for a sensible medicinal cannabis policy both at EU level and across its member states.

Our wide range of expertise and extensive network allows the alliance to anticipate and shape the legislative and regulatory activity at European level that will impact our members’ businesses.

What makes us different?

EAMC’s leadership prides itself on our ability to in Brussels.

We strive for a detailed understanding of the business operations for our members in order to shape the legislative process in their favour. We remain in extensive contact with our members to quickly establish positions on issues.

Small Membership Pool

To enable our staff to understand the strategic direction of each member, thereby catering for each member’s individual needs.

Brussels Presence

With our extensive network, we will serve as the Brussels office for many of our members who don't have a presence in the EU headquarters.

Inclusive Culture

Our culture is such that no one company dominates decision-making or policy advocacy.