Our Mission

EAMC's mission is to promote a sensible policy towards medicinal cannabis in the EU27

The EAMC’s mission is to represent, defend, promote the European medicinal cannabis sector and help members achieve sustainable business growth.

We aim to ensure European consumers, medical professionals and businesses are provided with the benefits associated with access to medicinal cannabis.

EAMC acts to ensure the legislative process preserves the interest of its members as well as the interests of consumers and patients throughout Europe. 

Advocating for a sensible medicinal cannabis policy at EU level

With the industry finding its feet in Europe, it is critical that we take the correct legislative steps to promote a healthy market avoid the imposition of barriers that may adversely affect the growth of the market.

  1. A regulated standardised market for medicinal cannabis through the European Union through the inclusion of cannabis in the Herbal medicinal products directive or through standalone legislation.

  2. Understanding of the EU cannabis industry to European & international decision-makers, notably of its vital economic role.

The freedom to produce and market medicinal cannabis in a responsible way by securing appropriate legislative conditions for production, marketing, distribution and sale of medicinal cannabis in Europe.

  1. No discriminatory treatment of cannabis in comparison to other pharmaceutical products designed to treat pain relief.
  2. Free and fair access to third country markets.

The medicinal cannabis industry to implement high standards for marketing communications.

Responsible medicinal cannabis usage across the EU.

Good practices across the EU with those involved in harm-reduction prevention programmes.